2023 *Siren* Riesling

Waitaki, New Zealand

New Zealand is the reason I started making wine; a place that has called me and I am listening. The wine is called ‘Siren’ because before I had ever heard of the Waitaki Valley, its wines found me in a glass. It was as though I was smacked in the face with a handful of crushed limestone whilst being swept below the sea and stung by an electric eel. I knew exactly what to do with that feeling, I just needed to find the people to help me do it. I met Grant Taylor of Valli wines in 2022, a man who also shares the same unbridled obsession with this place. With this relationship I was able to deepen my connection to this land further, committing to sites before I even had boots on the soil. This wine is a full circle moment; one I am finally able to share from my heart, created in the place where the journey began.
20 grams RS. Te Kano Vineyard. North Otago.
Artwork by Manu Berry