2018 Reed ‘White Heart’ Riesling

2022 ‘White Heart’ Riesling

Geelong VIC

RS 1.8 TA 9

Each year, this wine has evolved and become many different expressions. With the addition of the Reserve Riesling, this wine evolved into something more fun and playful than its usual sweet, serious self. Still won’t cut you like the Clare,
but this is White Heart’ on a diet.
‘White Heart’ was the name of a wine made in Paso Robles by the Dubost family. I lived with them during my first vintage in California and their son, who passed away several months before I arrived, was the winemaker. He pressed off a light red varietal and made a very unique white wine called ‘White Heart’. The Riesling in this bottle is a very different wine, but made with a similar approach, freeform. Think texture, sweetness, acid, and most importantly, balance.
Artwork by Jacques Darcy