2018 Reed ‘White Heart’ Riesling

2021 ‘White Heart’ Riesling

Moorabool Valley VIC


RS 18 TA 10

Having made Riesling from the Geelong region for 4 years now, I truly feel I’m starting to understand the drinkable landscape of the variety in this climate. I’m always playing on the edge of sugar and acid with Riesling but when I get it right it’s pure harmony. The line in this wine drives and carves the spherical sweetness down the palate, as tiny pin pricks of acid dance across the mouth making the wine physical. Aromatically it’s lifted and smells of all things Riesling maybe even hints of German air. On the palate it’s zesty with tones of yellow citrus, sour grass, white flowers and fresh young honeycomb. This wine will play good tricks on your mind.