2022 *Coeur* Reserve Riesling

Geelong VIC

RS 22 TA 10

After my time at Robert Weil in Germany in 2017, an extremely difficult vintage, I began to appreciate what selection in a vineyard could do for wine quality. There are so many variables in a site when it comes to the end product—grower, season, aspect, and sometimes even luck—which can make all the difference between good wine and great wine. I have even developed my own saying for what I have seen selection do for an expression of a vintage: There are always great grapes in every vineyard, no matter what the harvest has brought you. You just have to be prepared to spend the time to only bring the best ones home.” And that’s exactly how this wine was created. 11.5 hours, 20 people, 2.2 tonnes harvested and an unmentionable picking invoice. However, this is that point in every winemaker’s career where you cease to compromise, at all costs, what you’re trying to say in a wine. I hope you can taste that.
Artwork by Jacques Darcy
Edited by Claire Quirk